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We choose to practice law together because we like and respect each other and share a deep commitment to our clients and to the firm’s underlying values.  Daralyn, Ragesh, Mark, and Dave have known each other for thirty years (more, in some cases) and wanted to start a firm together in law school.  The firm’s founders previously practiced together at Keker and Van Nest, one of the nation’s premier litigation boutiques.  We are passionate about what we do, and that enthusiasm translates into results.  Clients like Google, Genentech, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Medium, and Pinterest call on the firm for personalized attention and the very best representation.
law is a

We take pride in craftsmanship at all levels of the firm.  You may notice, if you come by our office, that we serve Blue Bottle espresso.  That’s because we admire their obsessive dedication to what they do (and it’s really good coffee).  We bring that same attention to detail to our practice.  We designed our offices to create an environment conducive to collaboration and teamwork.  We won’t call our adversaries names and we won’t resort to making arguments that are just plain wrong.  We want every brief, every letter, every presentation, and every court appearance to reflect thoughtfulness and care.

law is an

Effective advocacy involves understanding the power of narrative (a compelling story), the visual arts (clear, self-explanatory graphics) and, dare we say it, elements of theater.  Legal briefs don’t have to be boring or jargon-filled.  They can, and should, engage the heart as well as the mind.

law is a

Our practice often involves mastering science in the literal sense.  While not all of us have technical degrees, we share an aptitude for science and, in some cases, downright geekiness.  We have worked with experts who can vouch for our technical capabilities in a broad range of areas, from monoclonal antibodies to CAD software to chipsets to telecommunications.  But law is also a science in the sense that there is a deep intellectual rigor to what we do.  Mark and Dave are both full time professors.  We are all lawyers because we love the law, and love crafting logically structured and compelling arguments.