Durie Tangri Files Lawsuit Against SFPD for Unconstitutionally Targeting Black People for Arrest

October 4, 2018

Durie Tangri LLP, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the ACLU of Northern California filed a lawsuit against the City and County of San Francisco today for its police department’s racially discriminatory enforcement practices. 

In 2013, the SFPD teamed with the Drug Enforcement Administration to target Black people for selling small amounts of drugs in the Tenderloin District when it was well known to the Police Department that people of many different races engage in drug sales in the neighborhood.  Of the 37 people arrested and prosecuted in federal court, all were Black. 

“Targeting individuals for arrest and criminal prosecution based on the color of their skin is indefensible and the numbers here—37 out of 37—speak for themselves,” Daralyn Durie said.

The lawsuit seeks to hold the city of San Francisco accountable for its police department’s racially discriminatory arrests.  The Durie Tangri team includes Daralyn, Lauren Kapsky, and Eric Messinger.

Read the complaint here.