diversity, equity, and inclusion

We recognize that diversity is essential to the success of our firm and our clients.  We thus prioritize recruiting, retaining, and promoting diverse attorneys and staff, and building an inclusive and welcoming workplace.  Of our full-time partners, fifty percent fall under the ABA Model Diversity Survey definition of “minority” or are LGBTQ.  In the past three years, we promoted four “homegrown” partners, three of whom were women, LGBTQ, or minority.

We also recognize that that is not enough.  Across our industry, ethnic and racial minorities and members of the LGBTQ community are not just historically underrepresented.  They are underrepresented today.  This must change, and we are determined to do our part to change it.  To that end, we have implemented the following initiatives:


  • We have a Diversity Committee that strives to make Durie Tangri more inclusive and accepting by researching and implementing changes related to recruiting, hiring, retention, and promotion of attorneys and staff from underrepresented groups. The committee works to ensure that attorneys and staff from these groups get leadership, and on-your-feet and client-facing opportunities on case teams.
  • We provide market-leading, gender-neutral, fully paid parental leave for all attorneys and staff members, and we pay to ship breast milk.
  • Recent initiatives include a full-day Cultural Mindfulness Workshop and training on the elimination of implicit bias. The firm is pursuing follow-up workshops focused on recruiting and retention.
  • We work to promote diversity outside of the firm and provide financial support to organizations promoting diversity within the legal profession, including the Bay Area Urban Debate League and the Judicial Intern Opportunity Program. We also match all of our employees’ charitable donations to 501(3)(c) anti-racist organizations.
  • A significant focus of our pro bono work is to combat racism and bias. Examples include:
        • A recent case in collaboration with the ACLU against San Francisco and several police officers for racial bias in drug arrests, which led to a six-figure settlement.
        • Serving as one of the first firms to sign onto the ACLU of Louisiana’s Justice Lab, a coordinated effort to combat racist policing in Louisiana through coordinated litigation. Press coverage of the initiative can be found here.
        • Criminal justice cases taken at no cost to the defendant through the Criminal Justice Act Panel, on which one of our attorneys, Galia Amram, serves.
        • Efforts to secure compassionate release for inmates at risk from the spread of COVID-19.