Sonali D. Maitra

B.A., Stanford University, Economics and Mathematics, 2000

J.D., Columbia Law School, 2006

Durie Tangri has provided Sonali with incredible opportunities and experiences, including acting as lead trial counsel for some of the some of the world’s leading technology companies and developing expertise is a number of very different legal fields.  Sonali is a litigator before all, and has extensive experience with patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, class action, video game, and privacy litigation.  Some notable examples:

Sonali is counsel for Google and Waze Inc. in the high-profile copyright action brought by PhantomALERT.  The Court has granted two successive motions to dismiss.

Earlier this year and last, Sonali was lead trial counsel for DTS, Inc. a company which licenses audio decoding technology to a number of companies.  DTS sought unpaid royalties and damages for copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and trade secret misappropriation.  The case settled favorably this year.

Last year, Segan LLC sued Sonali’s client Zynga for patent infringement, arguing that many of Zynga’s popular games, including Farmville and Zynga Poker, infringed Segan’s patent.  After defeating all of Segan’s claims on summary judgment,  Sonali secured an award of over $1 million in fees for the client.  In addition, the Court held that Segan’s attorneys themselves were responsible for $100,000 of that award, praising Sonali and her team: “And the requested fee amount of $1,188,773.93 is reasonable.  Indeed, it is on the low side for a case like this, particularly considering the high quality of the representation Zynga received.” 

Also last year, Sonali second chaired the trial team that saved California State University $54 million, with a full defense verdict following a three-week class action jury trial.  At trial, Sonali was responsible for a substantial portion of  witnesses who testified, both on cross and direct.  

In August 2013 Sonali first chaired a federal jury trial to verdict on behalf of Elekta Inc.  The client said the following about Sonali’s performance at that trial:

Sonali is a driven, high-intellect, high-energy, highly communicative, direct, open, encouraging, upbeat, honest, articulate, courteous, inquisitive, responsive, and talented attorney.  While already fairly accomplished as a young attorney who made partner while working with our company through litigation, she never assumed she had all the answers (although often enough she did!).  She took the time to understand our business and market, to consider different approaches, to discuss strategy, and she worked extremely well with the entire litigation team (both within her firm and with our company—including several executives).  Sonali has a great sense of courtroom decorum, knowing when and how to get a point of law or fact across to the court or jury, and in addressing the court, knowing how to be humbly firm when she knew she was correct on a specific point of law or specific court rule applicable to the case.  Sonali assembled a great team around her.  While Sonali took lead, Durie Tangri supplied a litigation team that worked like a well-oiled machine.  This was the first time we worked with Durie Tangri.  I found them refreshingly approachable, professional, and a pleasure to work with in circumstances that were anything but pleasurable.

Sonali has been named SuperLawyers Rising Star 2012-2016, and was shortlisted for Women in Business Law’s Rising Star in 2014.  Her other notable clients have included Gamefly, Six Waves, LOLApps, and Peak Games.

Sonali D. Maitra